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Personally Identifiable Data


Privacy Policy

A new Data Regulation has been implementet which has changed they way companies process personal data.
On this page you can read our Privacy Policy and how the data is used.

Privacy Policy

A new Data Regulation is made. This means for companies such as itn|vision, which contains personal data and personally identifiable data has a number of obligations that we need to live up to.

We are responsible for collecting acceptances from users and customers, to make sure it is okay that we keep this information. In addition, we have to be clear about new customers or potential customers are aware of our Privacy Policy.

On this page you can read our entire Privacy Policy.


Itn|vision private limited company and its affiliated companies (itn|sales2go, itn|bizz etv.) respect the individual privacy.
This statement about protection of private data describes the individual person’s right to have privacy and itn|vision’s obligation to secure this information.

itn|vision is a European operating company. itn|vision provides B2B customers in Europe with software solutions.
itn|vision’s headquarter is located in Nørresundby, Denmark and itn|vision is subjected to the European Act on Processing of Personal Data.

All larger decisions in itn|vision concerning protection of private data will be decided at a senior executive officer level under inspection from the Data Protection Officer.

The statement about protection of private data is available on our website.

Range of application and accept

– When and in what relation will this statement apply?

This statement about protection of private data is applying all business processes, all of itn|visions’s websites, domains, communities, cloud and mobile solutions.

The statement involves all the data processing handled by itn|vision and all the applications developed and ran by itn|vision.

In situations like this itn|vision will do the necessarily data processing.

Personal data are information which can identify who you are as a person, for instance E-mail address, postal address, phone number etc. For itn|vision it is a necessary to handle your personal data in order to help our customers.

If you can not accept that, please do not use itn|vision’s services and solutions.

Whose personal data is being processed?

– Whose personal data do itn|vision process?

itn|vision process personal data about contact persons or software users who are related customers. itn|vision do also process personal data related to potential customers, who contact itn|vision through our websites, LinkedIn, e-conomic forum or other channels.

We do also process personal data on behalf of our customers where the customer manage the processing.

itn|vision as data controller

– How do itn|vision process personal data as a data controller?

itn|vision is truly responsible when they process the customers’ personal data.

 Why do itn|vision process personal data

For itn|vision to manage our customer relations and to fulfil our duty for the customers – we need the personal data on the contact person or users of our systems.

Potential customers

itn|vision process personal data related to potential customers with a marketing approach.

How does itn|vision gather this personal data

Normally itn|vision gather the personal data directly from the customer or the potential customer.

When a customer buys our system or solution we will gather the data about the user of the system.

itn|vision is able to use different kind of tracking technologies in order to gather and understand the users behavior.

Which personal data is processed?

The following types of personal data are gathered by itn|vision. The following list is guiding but not complete:

  • Contact information like, name, address, phone number and E-mail.
  • Work information like, employer, title and post
  • Feedback, comments or questions about itn|vision, the solutions or services.
  • Photos, video or recorded videos which are recorded on itn|visions’s or the customer’s location, where both agree on the terms.
  • Unique user information like login-id, username, password or safety questions.
  • Financial information like credit card information
  • Information about data traffic like type of browser, unit, language, information about which website the request comes from and IP.
  • Click stream behavior and activity on itn|visions’ websites or product pages
  • E-mail behavior for instance which E-mails have been open and when
  • E-mails or other form of communication with the customer or the representative
  • Other type of personal data of the customers which are available on third parties’ social media like LinkedIn.

How itn|vision share the information

– Internal between the itn|vision group

Since itn|vision has multilabel affiliated companies and we want to give the customer the best experience possible – the personal data are gathered within the group of itn|vision and the affiliated companies.

External of the itn|vision group

itn|vision will never sell any personal data of the customer or the user.
itn|vision is able to share personal data with third party under the following scenarios.

Business partners

itn|vision can share personal data with business partners if it from a business perspective is lawfully.

Public authority

The police and other public authorities can demand the itn|vision hand over some personal data from a customer. In a case like that itn|vision will only hand over the data if they are in possession of a court order.

Merging and acquisition

In the event of any mergers and acquisitions or divestment of all or part of the business vision, the acquirer and its consultants will have access to the information that is registered.

This may in some cases include personal data, and in such cases, the external parties will enter into a secrecy agreement with itn|vision.

The customers’ rights

 – The right to deny marketing communication

You have the right to deny marketing communications from itn|vision by unsubscribing the newsletter or by writing to itn|vision.

Please notice that even if you deny market communication, you can still receive administrative messages from itn|vision, such as operating mail, order confirmations, invoices, reminders etc.

Fundamental rights

Everyone has the right to access his personal data by submitting a request for an overview of the personal data. Everyone has also the right to request itn|vision to correct inaccurate personal data.

Everyone has the right to request demolition of personal data after end use of the app or if a user is no longer employed by the customer.

Finally, the customer or his employee has the right to file a complaint to the Data Inspectorate regarding itn|vision’s processing of personal data.

Data security and storage

– How do itn|vision secure and store personal data?

itn|vision ensures personal data in the following way

itn|vision commit to avoid unauthorized access, disclosure or other dissimilar processing of the personal data. Itn|vision seeks to ensure confidentiality about the received personal data and maintain the integrity of the personal data and ensure its accessibility in accordance with applicable privacy laws.

itn|vision stores personal data like E-mail, etc. up to 5 years after a customer relationship has ended – then all information will be deleted.

Itn|vision stores personal data on potential customers in up to 5 years from the latest unique contact registered in itn|vision’s crm system.

itn|vision as a data processing unit

– How does itn|vision process person data as a data processing unit?

Itn | vision supply several of different apps to customers.

Most of the apps involve processing customer’s data, including their personal data. The purpose of the use is decided by the customer through the use of the individual apps and not by itn|vision

This makes the customer the data controller. itn|vision occurs as a data processor and processes the data on behalf of and in accordance with instructions given by the customer.

The relationship between the customer as data controller and itn|vision as a data processor is governed by a data processing agreement.

This includes all itn|vision’s various apps developed for e-conomic, reviso and debitoor, as well as other systems that are relevant to an optimal business model.

The customer and itn|vision’s obligations

When the customer appears as the data controller, the customer must, in accordance with the applicable data protection laws ensure the legal basis for processing personal data.

Furthermore, the customer must evaluate and establish ownership of the risks that the data is exposed to through processing of their personal data.

Another important aspect of the customer’s obligations as data controller is to maintain the duty of disclosure related to the registered.

itn|vision is a natural part of the client’s obligations as data controller, in the sense that itn|vision is part of the processing of personal data that the customer must ensure is in compliance with applicable data protection legislation.

When itn vision processes personal data on behalf of the customer, itn|vision must do so in accordance with applicable data protection laws for data processing.

The customer and itn|vision are committed to cooperate to ensure the privacy protection of the registered users. itn|vision delivers the necessary apps to the customer so it can act in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

Changes to this statement

If itn|vision change in the privacy statement, a revised statement will be published with a new version number. itn|vision encourages all users to review the Statement on a regular basis.

If itn|vision makes significant changes to the statement, a newsletter, a service E-mail and a reminder on our dash board will be made.

This statement about protection of personal data is version A. It is dated back to 14th May 2018.

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